Quantum Energy Healing


Light dimension readings can bring hidden issues to the surface where we can reflect and hopefully work with the wisdom to open a path to a better life. Often with these issues there are energies that are attached or often times can be felt and can be connected to ailments in the body.5169118_s

I also can provide a higher dimensional energy healing that can help to clear blockages in your energy field. This particular Quantum energy healing was developed by a well known shaman who accesses the higher spheres frequently. There is no attachment to any teacher or master with this healing technique though for it is based on working with the client’s higher self.       



If you are interested in Quantum healing (which is the most in-depth energy healing around),     you can call Diana

                                                 at:  970-565-7764 

                     -                           or:   1- 855-565-7764   


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More information on energy healing and healing in general can be found on my website devoted more to healing:


This website also has some great articles and videos.

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