Meet Diana

  I have been a natural intuitive for many years with the gift of clairvoyance and clairsentience. Even from a young age, I have been blessed with spiritual visions and insights. I am also very attuned to animals and nature, in which I have the opportunity to tune into frequently in the vast and beautiful land of the high plateau of the Southwest. In this area, especially, I have been fortunate to meet and know other mystics, sages, psychics, shamans and wayshowers. We periodically discuss the latest cosmic developments and earth changes and how we can help in these changing times.

    In addition, I use my attunement to energies with energy healing and space clearing.  I also provide feng-shui services to the local clientiele to promote a serene and relaxing environment.

    You can click on the -To get in touch with me link and/or to order services-to the right to find out how to contact me. I do in-depth readings and will have printable or printed pages that you can have for your records to refer back to when needed. These can be e-mailed or mailed if you like. There is also a reading on CD option.



Diana (ddlight)   





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